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Properties - Buying, Selling, Renting, Lettings, Sharing, Investments and Overseas

We Bring You the BEST DEALS & OFFERS!
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Selling Your Property

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Property & Lettings Section. Here we have provided you with listings and direct links to the many national Estate Agents and Intermediaries in the UK. Our objective is to show you the best deals available. At present, we have provided links to the institutions that we are affiliated with. As we grow and get more affiliations and/or partnerships, we will be adding more links of many nationally known organizations.
In the meantime, i
t is hoped that you will find what you are looking for. On left you will be able to navigate for your need be it car insurance or home insurance or mortgages etc. Please take your time to explore.

Selling your property is one of the most important financial transactions you'll ever make.
Take few minutes to familiarise yourself with the basic steps of a sale.

Before you begin: Do your homework
Any house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, so you need a realistic figure of what you can expect someone to pay for yours.
The average (free) valuation figure from three local estate agents is a good place to start. You need to know what similar properties to yours are selling for too. And you need to know if you're in a seller's market. That is, are houses selling for their asking price or more in your area? Talk to estate agents and look on property websites to get a feel for the market.

Take some key decisions
Before you put your house on the market, you need to decide:
- If you're going to carry out any essential repair work on the house (properties that need a lot of work tend to be harder to sell for the asking price)
- How you're going to sell it? (privately, at an auction, or - like most people - via an estate agent, or through internet agents)
Work out your budget
There are costs incurred in selling a house, as well as buying a new one. You'll need to budget for a solicitor and your estate agent's fees. Expect to pay a solicitor about £550 on a property worth £100,000. The estate agent's fee (usually around 1.5-2.5% of the eventual selling price for your property) is deducted by your solicitor as part of the sale. These days, you can sell your property on the internet saving you a lot on estate agent's fee. Check it out here
Think about home improvements
Spending even a little time and money preparing your house for sale is usually a good investment. Getting rid of clutter (inside and especially any unsightly rubbish outside), painting all the walls white and/or steam cleaning your carpets can all make a difference.
For more free advice, watch property programmes on television. In general, less is more and neutral is best when it comes to 'dressing' a property. You should always show buyers a clear function for each room.
If you've got some money to spare, you might think about offering planning permission for a loft conversion or extension on your property. This can add 10-15% to the value of your house. Over ninety per cent of applications get approved. All you need to do is submit to the council:
- Scaled plans (check your council's website for specific requirements); if you get an architect to do this, expect to pay £1,000-£2,000
- An application form
- A fee for processing the application (currently £135)
Cue the experts
Early in the process, you will need to hire a solicitor or qualified conveyancer to carry out the legal work on the sale of your house. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations. You can simply request a quote by phone.
Decide on an agent and a price
It's not always the best idea to go with the agent who values your property at the highest price. Ask:
- How many similar properties they've recently sold
- How long these properties have taken to sell and how close to the asking price did they get for the seller
- How much they charge
- How they intend to market your house and where
Around 60 per cent of house-hunters start their searches online, so make sure your property will appear online. Ask the agent:
- How many hits does their site get?
- Will your home also feature on a national website?
- Can your home be a featured property?
- Do they send email alerts to prospective buyers?
Selling through a single (or sole) agent is cheaper (about 1% of the sale price). Marketing through more than one costs more (about 3.5% goes to the successful agent), but often results in a quicker sale. Remember all agents' fees are negotiable and don't be afraid to bargain. 
These days, there are Agents who only sell your property on the internet and charge you a one off fee.

Show off your property
Keep your home clean and tidy at all times, ready to show to any spur-of-the-moment viewers. When welcoming potential buyers, be polite and friendly, but not too pushy. Give them space to explore and discuss among themselves.
Some experts recommend filling the air with the smell of baking bread or fresh coffee: it may be a cliché, but if it works, don't knock it!
Negotiate with potential buyers
Hopefully it won't be long before you receive your first offer(s). You will have set a price, but in consultation with your agent you may now have to decide how far you are prepared to drop it. There are many factors to think about here. Have you had lots of interest? Do you need to make a quick sale? Is the buyer in a chain or ready to move immediately?
Consult friends with experience of selling and think carefully about the circumstances of the potential buyer.
For example, check out How long is their chain of other buyers and sellers?
Sort out the legalities
When you've accepted an offer, it's time for your solicitor or conveyancer to take care of the various legal requirements of the sale, such as obtaining the property's title deeds and passing them on to the buyer's lender, answering buyer queries via their solicitor, and drawing up a draft contract.
Once the buyer and seller's solicitors agree everything, the draft will be sent to you for approval and then standard contracts will be set up and sent to you to sign.
Once contracts are signed and exchanged, the buyer will pay their deposit (if there is one) to your solicitor, who holds it until completion.
Take it to completion
This is the day agreed upon by both parties, when the buyer pays the agreed purchase price to your solicitor, and you hand over the keys to what used to be your home.
If all goes to plan, your solicitor will then pass the money on to you (plus the deposit), and transfer the deeds.
 Home Information Packs
As of 1 August, every home put on the market with four or more bedrooms needs a Home Information Pack. (HIP). Click Here to get more information.

Moving abroad

While moving abroad is a big step, it doesn't have to be complicated, so long as you're well prepared.
Take few minutes to check out the practicalities.
Before you begin: Check the requirements
UK nationals have the right to live in any European Economic Area (EEA) country (for a full list, see 
Directgov - public services all in one place). For details on requirements like visas for other countries, speak to the British Consul in that country, and its foreign consulate in the UK.
Move your money
Opening a bank account in the country you're moving to will give you easy access to cash and avoid currency conversion charges. This will be essential if you want to buy property there.
Lots of high street banks have foreign, or offshore, banking arms. Some may require you to deposit a large initial sum. Or consider banking with an entirely online bank.
Remember that when opening a bank account abroad, you may need to show credit references from the UK to help establish an overseas credit rating.
Look after your savings
Your new country may tax you heavily on interest earned on your UK savings so it may be best to move them. The cheapest way to do this, particularly for large sums, is to use a foreign exchange dealer. Do your homework online to find a reputable one.
Work out your tax situation
As a non-UK resident, where your earnings are will decide where you pay tax.
You pay tax in the UK on UK earnings like rental income on a property, and investment income arising in the UK. But money earned overseas is taxed in the country you earned it.
It's best to get advice on this issue  and whether you need to change tax status  from a financial advisor.
Protect your pension
Any pension can be paid into your account overseas, but you must keep up with your National Insurance (NI) contributions to receive your full UK State Pension.
To pay NI from abroad, call the HMRC International Services Helpline on 0845 9154811. Give your UK NI Number and you'll be told how much you will have to pay for any time spent working abroad.
You can keep paying into a private pension for five years after you've moved abroad. And if you're working in the EEA or some other countries such as Canada, you may also pay into your state pension. Ask the British Consul.
Buying a property abroad
Details vary from country to country, but always seek professional advice where you can. Only negotiate with officially registered estate agents, and use a bilingual solicitor to deal with legalities, and to explain everything clearly, especially all potential costs.
When making an offer, do so in writing, outlining every specific, from the deposit to the date you expect to complete.
Local lenders are usually happy to consider mortgages on local properties, whatever your nationality. You won't be able to use a British mortgage lender.
You can apply for your mortgage before you move but you'll need to show proof of earnings. For older borrowers, pension income can count.
Overseas lenders generally ask for a larger deposit - 15-25% - but official residency in your new country can reduce this. Ask the consulate.
Affordability is usually the basis of a foreign loan value, not income, so if you're still paying a mortgage on a property in the UK it will count against you.
A good overseas credit rating will improve your mortgage chances. One of the easiest ways to do this is to bank with an international branch of your UK bank, as they will already have a credit rating for you.

Guide to Buying Property Abroad - Getting Started. Click here to find out more..

Property investment in Dubai: a thriving market

Overseas property investment in Dubai has skyrocketed since May 2002, when it was made legal for foreign nationals to own property within the emirate. Since this time, over 100, 000 British nationals have purchased property in Dubai, and this investment property boom is helping to fuel Dubai's rapid financial and economic growth. If you're hoping to create or expand your investment property portfolio in Dubai, you'll find that the range of property on offer is vast. When you buy property in Dubai, there are no legal fees required (although advice is recommended) and you won't incur any capital gains tax or income tax on your investment property. What's more, Select Property's flexible investment property payment plan makes buying property in Dubai simpler and more affordable.

Consult Select Property for the best Dubai property investment opportunities available.

New mortgage products in Dubai
A partnership with a UK building society and the National Bank of Dubai means customers will be offered a simplified mortgage experience when buying property in Dubai.

Historically it has been a challenge to arrange a mortgage in Dubai and the new service is available to both UK and Dubai residents, allowing them to arrange a mortgage in Dirhams with the quick and efficient processing seen in the UK Sterling market.

Buy new investment property developments
overseas with Select Property

An Alternative To An Estate Agent

In 1996, an alternative to the Estae Agent arrived. Many believed there had to a cheaper and fairer way to sell property. As a result, many companies pioneered the selling of property online. Thousands of property owners have now embraced this method and it is now proving to be as viable as selling through an agent - for a fraction of the cost, with an average customer savings of £5000 plus.

Press and Media

The press have also embraced this concept, awarding many online property sellers accolades for its services. In an independent review of private property sites by The Sunday Times, Houseweb was awarded the top service rating of five stars. Houseweb site also received a recommendation in Which? magazine and has feature articles in over 500 daily newspapers, magazines and across many national TV and radio programmes.

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HouseWeb HouseWeb Guide to Selling Your Home Did you know that over 5% of homeowners sell their property without an estate agent?

Selling your home using the Internet is now as effective as using an estate agent, with one major difference... You don't pay the agent's commission. That's a typical saving of over £4,000.

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    '3rd highest rental yield in Europe'
    Sofia (Bulgaria) boasts the 3rd highest annual rental yield in Europe at 10.56%, with regions in the south of the city commanding the highest rents. The most active rental markets tend to be for foreign workers and longer term tourists. The influx of large multinational corporations and state owned organisations moving into Sofia look set to ensure that demand for residential property will remain strong throughout 2007 and beyond.

    The Global Property Guide scores Bulgaria’s property rental laws as ‘pro-landlord’, ranking it alongside more established rental markets such as the UK and Monaco. The capital Sofia is particularly favourable for buy-to-let investors as it offers all year-round rentals from the corporate market with tenants in abundance, offering attractive rental yields

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    • More than 190,000 Flatshare ads. 
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    Advertise your house with HouseWeb's phenomenal Virtual Tour service!
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    Save £££'s when Renting
    Advertise your lettings direct with HouseWeb, the UK's pioneers of property online. Packages start at £40.
    Renting your property on HouseWeb has never been easier. Using the Web's award-winning and premier property site, you can reach thousands of tenants with a professional advert including colour photos and full details. As the pioneer of property advertising online, HouseWeb has been of service to millions of house hunters since 1996.
    No Commission or Hidden Costs
    Advert packages - start at only £40 (+VAT) until let, saving you thousands in ongoing commission to letting agent. Your property is also marketed to thousands of tenants across our network of partner sites including Fish4homes.
    Three Easy Steps
    At HouseWeb, we believe in making it easy to advertise your property:
    1) Select Submit Property  and register for an Account
    2) Enter your property details using the Online Form
    3) Upload your photos (or send to us to scan).
    Total Flexibility, Total Control
    Using HouseWeb, you can dynamically update or modify your advert at any time. For example, if you want to change the rental cost or amend the description, simply log on with your username and password, select your advert and submit the changes. You can alter your advert as many times as you wish, at no extra cost.


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