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Finding Best Healthcare Insurance Providers

Welcome and thank you for visiting Shainik Financial Services web site. Here we have provided you with listings and direct links to the major national Insurance Companies and Brokers in the UK. Our objective is to show you the best deals as possible in the Healthcare Insurance, information and articles relating to healthcare markets. At present, we have provided links to the institutions that we are affiliated with. As we grow and get more affiliations and/or partnerships, we will be adding more links of many nationally known organizations such as Bupa, Norwich Union, Tesco and many more.
In the meantime, i
t is hoped that you will find what you are looking for. On left you will be able to navigate for your need be it car insurance or home insurance or mortgages etc. Please take your time to explore.

Health Insurance that rewards healthy living

Top quality cover designed to give you peace of mind. PruHealth is the award winning health insurer that recognises and rewards healthy living. By actively looking after their health, PruHealth members could make significant savings on their premiums.

  • Save up to 30% on your first year's premium by answering 5 simple lifestyle questions. 
  • Guaranteed 25% no claims bonus of your current year's premium towards renewal - every year. 
  • Increase this saving to 50%, 75% even 100% by looking after your health throughout the year with us. 
  • Discounts with PruHealth’s health and wellbeing partners. 

Join PruHealth now and you could get subsidised membership at the following Health Clubs:- 

  • Cannons
  • LA Fitness
  • Virgin Active 
  • and – the more you go the less you could pay.

Want total peace of mind with your health cover? 

With a PruHealth comprehensive plan you'll be fully covered for: 

  • In-hospital care 
  • Cancer cover 
  • Diagnostic tests 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • And much more... 

About Health Insurance 

Why get covered? 

You insure your home, your car, your pets - isn't your health important too? 


  • Peace of mind cover for you and your family. 
  • Get the treatment you need, when you need it. 
  • Treatment at the best hospitals. 
  • No need to wait on NHS waiting lists.

Private health insurance (also known as private medical insurance) is all about peace of mind and the reassurance of knowing you’ll get the treatment you need, when you need it and at the best hospitals. It’s designed to cover the cost of surgery, medical specialists, accommodation and nursing for treatment at either a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital. It’s one less thing to worry about and means you can be confident that you and your loved ones will be back on your feet as quick as possible, without the concern of NHS waiting lists. 

Health insurance was traditionally a luxury item, just for the wealthy – that’s no longer the case. PruHealth has policies to suit most needs and budgets; after all, don’t you deserve to be well cared for without having to wait? 

If you’re already covered you can easily move to PruHealth. If you have an existing medical condition and this is being managed, it may not necessarily result in an exclusion being applied. Plus, join PruHealth and you will have the opportunity to reduce your premiums each year.



Healthcare For You and Your Family
With AXA PPP healthcare you can tailor your cover to your individual needs with our range of private medical insurance plans.

  • Get prompt access to in-patient and day-patient treatment.
  • Option to include cover for out-patient treatment.
  • Get £50 for each night you receive free treatment on the NHS.
  • 24 hour access to our confidential telephone based health information service.
  • Up to one year's benefit for licensed chemotherapy treatments (eg Herceptin).


Key benefits of Tesco Health Insurance

  • Peace of mind that you and your family are covered
  • Avoid NHS waiting times and have private treatment at a time to suit you
  • Prompt access to medical attention
  • No mixed NHS wards. Most private hospitals provide a private room with TV, radio, direct dial telephone, en-suite bathroom and a choice of menu

Tesco Health Insurance offers 3 levels of cover to suit your needs

Finest Cover
  • The most comprehensive cover in the Tesco Health Insurance range
  • No annual maximum for in-patient and out-patient treatment
  • Cancer treatment cover for up to three years
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Treatment for specified pregnancy complications
  • Private Hospital Transport Service.

Premium Cover
Same benefits as Tesco Health Insurance Core Cover Plus covers your first appointment with a consultant or specialist, through treatment in and out of hospital and follow-up appointments thereafter (£1,000 out-patient limit)

Core Cover
Includes in-patient and day-patient treatment and associated charges Covers for out-patient surgical procedures, radiotherapy and chemotherapy Cancer treatment for up to one year

Top reasons to buy
  • Low premiums from as little as £13.90 a month (based on a 20 year old living outside London)
  • 35% no-claims discount for new customers
  • Choose from over 250 quality-assessed hospitals - avoid NHS waiting lists
  • Cover for self-employed
  • No medical history required to join up to age 75 years

Find out more...........

We're offering all the benefits of the Dental Accident plan absolutely FREE for 12 months
Find out more...........


A health cash plan for routine health treatment cover

Healthprotect cash plans are unlike other Medical Cash plans that offer a range of non-benefits to make the plans appear more comprehensive. Instead our plans only offer relevant and important core benefits including:
  • Dental fees
  • Optical fees
  • Chiropody treatment
  • Complementary medicine
  • Specialist consultations
  • In patient admission
  • Day case admission
  • Accidental dental treatment

Additionally you'll get the following attractive benefits: Automatic emergency cover - that you can claim on from day one. Tailored cash plans – to suit the under 50s, over 50s and families A tax-free payout - all payments are made directly to you tax-free. Money back – if you change your mind within 14 days, don’t worry, we’ll give you a refund if you haven’t claimed in the meantime. Get a health cash plan

HSA Healthcare: Personal Medical Plan

At HSA, we understand how important your health is, which is why we’re here to help provide access to healthcare when you need it rather than when you can afford it. We offer a choice of simple healthcare options including personal medical plans all of which represent excellent value for money. So, whether you want cover for your everyday healthcare or extra help in times of ill health, HSA is here for you and your family. We have been helping individuals and families since 1922, a history which pre-dates the NHS, giving us years of expertise. On top of this, we are a mutual, which means that we have no shareholders and exist purely for the sake of our members. Avoid NHS waiting times and have private treatment at a time to suit you.
Personal Medical Plans (PMP) are a flexible, affordable way of getting private medical insurance, which allows you to choose when and where you are treated, so you can see some of the top professionals fast, at a time and place to suit you. This flexible plan can be tailored to suit you, so you don’t have to pay for cover that you don’t want.

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AXA PPP HEALTHCARE - It only takes a few minutes to get a quote online. Plus, many benefits. Apply Online

Get great value insurance from Churchill, backed up with the service you want! Churchill offer a wide range of insurance products, such as motor, home, travel, pet, motorbike, breakdown cover and van - all with great customer service! Click here...

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At PruHealth, we have an innovative approach to health insurance that recognises and rewards healthy living. By actively looking after your health you could make significant savings on your premiums. We even help you to stay healthy through discounts with our health and wellbeing providers. Click here is one of the UK's leading search and save websites. We take the time, frustration and expense out of the consumer purchasing process by searching the market on their behalf. simplifies an individual’s search for the cheapest quote. It’s free, fast and without obligation or credit checks and we often secure cheaper rates and prices for the individual than they could by going – We search. You Save.

HSA Healthcare:
Cash PlanHSA helps with the costs of everyday health care by offering health plans. These simple plans reimburse cash towards the cost of a range of healthcare bills such as the dentist & optician.

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BEBEFITS Get prompt access to in-patient and day-patient treatment. Option to include cover for out-patient treatment. Get £50 for each night you receive free treatment on the NHS. 24 hour access to our confidential telephone based health information service. Up to one year's benefit for licensed chemotherapy treatments (eg Herceptin).


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