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Vehicle Breakdown Insurance

Getting Breakdown Insurance is a good option to protect you financially if your car vehicle breaks down when it is least expected to. In UK, every year, around £1.5 billion is spent on breakdown covers by motorists. Many motorists worry about their car breaking down in the middle of a motorway, isolated area or even a town, but is it worth not having a Breakdown Cover for those “just in case” moments?

Shopping Around

Most price comparison websites recommends that the following important points should be considered before spending on any breakdown covers. 

  • If my car breaks down, will the roadside assistance company try and fix it or just take me to a garage where I’ll have to pay for the repair? 
  • How long on average does it take for roadside assistance to come to help? 
  • How many cars are covered under my breakdown insurance? 
  • If I breakdown in a different country, what coverage is there since I like to travel to different countries? 
  • Who can I cover besides myself? (e.g. Family, passengers, friends) * Is there a maximum number of allowable service calls per year?

When shopping for breakdown cover ensure whether it truly is offering value for money. In UK, the two companies that dominates roadside recovery business are well known  - The AA and The RAC

A wide range of insurance options are available that provide protection against a range of issues and any enforceable events or outcomes. There are good deals on offer from a wide range of insurance providers, some offer between 10 to 15% off, if bought online. This is because they save on commission that would have otherwise been paid to intermediaries or Brokers.

 On offer are all sorts of policies, the most common types of insurance currently available in the UK are - Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mortgage insurance, Loan payment protection insurance, Breakdown Cover, Emergency Cover, Liability Insurance, Office and Traders Insurance, Property Owner's Insurance and many more.

The cost of insurance cover can vary quite dramatically, based not only on the level of cover that you take but also on the insurance provider and the type of cover that you take. There are various other factors that may affect your insurance premiums, depending on the type of cover you are taking out. You can get some very good deals on insurance cover these days, and this means that you can enjoy valuable protection without having to pay over the odds.

In order to ensure that you get a good deal on your insurance cover it is important to compare the different prices on offer from a variety of companies – the difference in premiums can vary quite dramatically from one insurer to another so it can really pay to take the time to make comparisons.

However, as well as comparing the price of your insurance cover you will also need to look at the level of cover and whether this will be adequate for your needs. Having insurance that does not provide adequate cover for your needs is pretty pointless, and it is worth paying a little extra to ensure that you are adequately covered no matter what type of insurance you are taking out. Comparing insurance policies and articles online makes it easy, convenient, and fast to find the right cover at the right price, and you can even arrange your cover online in most cases, saving yourself time as well as hassle and money.

                    Motor Breakdown Guide

We don't realise how much we depend on our trusty motors until the unthinkable happens. It breaks down at home causing you to miss that all important meeting, or you find yourself stranded, alone and vulnerable, in the middle or nowhere or on some hard shoulder or another. Either way, help is available from a whole host of breakdown insurance companies, at very reasonable prices with a good range of policies.

Choosing the best policy for your needs is important, and there are several aspects you will need to take into consideration.

Firstly, decide whether you want to cover the vehicle or the person. Covering the vehicle means anyone driving it will be covered, regardless of whether they are the policyholder or not. Covering the person means you're insured as the driver or passenger of any vehicle, and although it is typically more expensive than vehicle cover, it is handy if you drive several vehicles.

Secondly, decide which cover level is most suitable for your needs. Choose from:


  •    Fix at roadside
  •    Recovery to garage
  •    Recovery of up to 7 passengers
  •    Recovery to any UK destination
  •    Fix at home
  •    Onward travel (train ticket, hire car or accommodation)


  •   As Platinum but without onward travel


  •  Fix at roadside
  •  Recovery to garage
  •  Recovery of up to 7 passengers
  •  Recovery to any UK destination


  •  Try and fix problem at the roadside
  •  Recovery to nearest garage only

This range of cover levels offers you the choice of very basic cover through to a very comprehensive service offering alternative transport or hotel accommodation.

Finally, depending on which cover you have specified, you can add another vehicle or person on to your policy, providing they are registered at the same address as yourself. In some cases partners can be added to your policy free of charge.

                            Things to do if you break down

If your vehicle breaks down, think about safety first:

Consider your own safety

*Get your vehicle off the road if possible
 *Ensure your passengers are safe and that animals are kept under control

Warn other road users

 *Warn other traffic by using your hazard warning lights if your vehicle is causing an
 *Put a warning triangle on the road at least 45 metres (147 feet) behind your brokendown
vehicle on the same side of the road, or use other permitted warning devices if you
have them. Always take great care when placing them, but never use them on
motorways as this may put you in danger from oncoming traffic
 *Keep your sidelights on if it is dark or visibility is poor
 *Do not stand (or let anybody else stand) between your vehicle and oncoming traffic
  *At night or in poor visibility, do not stand where you will prevent other road users seeing your lights
 *Wear a fluorescent/reflective jacket or tabard

Calling for help

 *Do not use mobile phones if there is a danger from petrol spillage or fumes
 *Contact the emergency services by dialling 999 or 112 (international emergency code)
and/or your breakdown recovery operator
 *Give clear instructions of your location: road number, general location, direction of travel
together with specific local land marks will aid your rescue
 *Also, tell them your vehicle type, registration number and how many persons are in the
 *An indication of the cause of the breakdown will also help
 *When help arrives, ask for proof of identityy

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